Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Filters

Consultancy for Filtration & Separation

Metallica is the only wire mesh and filter manufacturing company which offers consultancy services for any problem in filtration and separation. Apart from the promoter who is a qualified textile engineer with 30 years of professional experience in wire mesh manufacturing , Metallica has a panel of highly qualified & experienced M. Tech. & Ph.D. engineers who understand the filtration and separation problems of various sectors of the industry.

This is a unique service offered by Metallica where our experts discuss, understand, study on-site, and provide solutions to your filtration & separation problems.

We offer specialized service in following areas :

Liquid / Solid , Liquid /Gas, Liquid/Liquid, Gas/Gas separation

Development of new filters for specific requirements.

Solution to any filtration problems.

Tests like Radiography, NDT, Hydrostatic & Pneumatic.

Developing import substitute products.

Sample filtration testing with laboratory report.

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